Tour Departures


Brighton (Day Tours & Westbound Overnight Tours) 
401 Exit 509, Car Pool Parking Lot, 15336 Telephone Rd.

Belleville (Day & Overnight Tours)
Maple Leaf Tours Office
265 Cannifton Road, Wally Dever Arena, Parking Lot D

Napanee (Day & Overnight Tours)
Flying J Travel Plaza
401 Exit 579, 628 County Road 41, Napanee, ON, K7R 3L2
North East corner of parking lot.

Kingston (Day & Overnight Tours)
Maple Leaf Lounge at the Kingston Shrine Club
3260 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7P 0K6
Parking in the large gravel lot, overnight parking permitted.

Gananoque (Day & Overnight Tours)
401 Exit 648, Car Pool Lot
Before entrance to the Casino.

Ivy Lea (Overnight Tours)
Parking lot just before toll booth to Hill Island.

Temporary overnight parking is offered as a courtesy for individuals with special circumstances. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority is not responsible and assumes no liability for theft of or damage to any vehicle or its contents while located on its property. Completion of this form shall not be construed as waiving compliance with any parking law, regulation or ordinance. Vehicles parked beyond the indicated departure date may be subject to towing.

Brockville (Day & Overnight Tours)
Food Basics, Exit 696
3049 Jefferson Drive, Brockville, ON K6V 6N7
South East corner of lot.

Kemptville (Overnight Tours)
Stinson Gas Bar
Exit 34 off Hwy 416, 2947 Hwy 43 Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0

Ottawa (Overnight Tours)
All Saints Lutheran Church
1061 Pinecrest Road, Ottawa, ON
Overnight Parking Permitted, guests must inform the office of your car description and license plate number in advance. Parking Map will be provided prior to tour, please park only in the designated area. Those who do not are at risk of being towed at the vehicle owners expense. 

Park at Your Own Risk:

Visitors to the Kingston Shrine Club/Wally Dever Arena/Cannifton Carpool lot are advised that parking is provided on a “park at your own risk” basis. Maple Leaf Tours does not assume any responsibility for the safety of vehicles or their contents while parked on our premises.

We recommend that visitors take appropriate measures to secure their vehicles, such as locking doors and windows and hiding valuables from view. We also suggest that visitors park in well-lit areas and avoid parking in isolated or dimly lit areas.

By parking at The Kingston Shrine Club/Wally Dever Arena/Cannifton Carpool lot, visitors accept and assume all risks of loss, damage, or theft to their vehicle and its contents. Maple Leaf Tours is not responsible for any such loss, damage, or theft and will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result.

This “park at your own risk” policy applies to all vehicles parked at the Kingston Shrine Club, including vehicles parked in our designated parking areas. Visitors are encouraged to carefully read and understand this policy before parking at the Kingston Shrine Club / Wally Dever Arena/Cannifton Carpool Lot.