Dear friends, 

On behalf of Maple Leaf Tours, I want to sincerely apologize for the communication that has been sent out by McCoy Bus Service that has caused great confusion and upset.
I was a co-founder of McCoy Bus Service and Tours for 24 years, from 1993 – 2017. In 2017, my former business partner and I divided the companies, and I took McCoy Tours and renamed as Maple Leaf Tours while the Bus Company continued with coaching. Since 1997, as a indigenous entrepreneur, I have worked tirelessly to continue to rebuild under our new name Maple Leaf Tours as Eastern Ontario’s premier Motor Coach Tour, Travel and Cruise Company.  

Unfortunately, recently McCoy Bus Service accessed our old email newsletter database and chose to send out a mass email to our unexpecting clients. This has caused great distress and hurt to many of our clients who have had life changes such as the passing of spouses, children or parents as well as experienced life changes such as marital status or employment. We have been dealing with clients who have been reaching out by phone, email and in person, extremely upset that they have been contacted by email and by phone, without their consent, especially for family members and friends who are no longer with us. We are saddened that this has harmed so many of our clients. We apologize for the lack of consideration of how peoples’ lives may have changed. I am personally distressed at this infringement of your privacy. We strongly advise that if anyone does not wish to receive any further communication to unsubscribe or block them. 

This was done without my knowledge and I want to reassure you that we have not shared any of your information and that none of your personal data has been provided by Maple Leaf Tours.
We have not given out any information whatsoever and I am personally appalled at the lack of integrity and respect shown for your privacy. It was very poorly done and a sign of how they intend to conduct business. Please know that your information with Maple Leaf Tours is secure.

In 2023, I will be celebrating 30 years in the Tour and Travel business and I pride myself on running an exemplary service with integrity and honesty. My heart aches for those who contacted us sharing pain and sadness, I am truly sorry for the distress and confusion this has caused. 

I will always make myself available and if you have been personally affected by this please contact me directly at or call me at the office at 613-384-0012. 

Most sincerely, 

Kristine Geary
Owner, Maple Leaf Tours