I have always wanted to travel, saving all my allowances and part time job earnings throughout my early years. My travel goal was to do Canada and North America first and then branch out, best to know Canada first I thought since I was born here.

I started my career as an outdoor educator at Project Dare in Northern Ontario teaching male and female troubled youth in a high adventure, wilderness setting (ropes courses, winter camping, canoe tripping, sailing on Georgian Bay, rock climbing instruction, kayaking and backpacking). From there I split my professional career between social work and teaching positions.

During my time as a social worker and family therapist, I worked in the Muskoka area for many years before moving to the Kingston area. I helped open the first women’s shelter in Napanee, Ontario and designed and developed Lennox and Addington Resources for Children, LARC, also in Napanee. I then went on to be the first Executive Director of LARC and the first Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Lennox and Addington Interval House.

I have taught both elementary and secondary classes for 25 years in the Toronto District School Board and the Limestone District School Board and completed my retirement as a Principal. I also taught several college and university courses during my teaching career.

I married my best friend, Don, 44 years ago and we live together on our farm where we raised our 3 children along with horses, chickens and Stella, our dog. We have 6 wonderful grandchildren, 4 within walking distance of our farm and 2 up in the Yukon. I just spent the month of January with the Yukon grandchildren.

I have spent my entire life pursuing adventures and guiding others in doing the same. People say I am best known for my uplifting optimism and the high energy I bring to everything I am passionate about. I have spent time in Mexico, Vancouver, the Maritime provinces, Cuba, Costa Rica, Alaska, the North West Territories, the Yukon and the Caribbean, to name only a few of my travels.

Every March you can find Don and I solo canoeing class 3, 4 & 5 whitewater rapids down in Tennessee and South Carolina in my little 8 foot canoe (not a kayak, haha). Every summer my family embarks on a 2 to 3 week wilderness canoe trip, while in the winter, I kite ski on the local frozen lakes, cross-country ski or kicksled with my grandchildren and husband, Don. We are currently boiling off maple syrup as the season began already this year.

In the darkest months of the winter and during the midnight sun of the summer, I spend extensive time in the Arctic going on canoeing and dog sledding adventures with my grandchildren or enjoying our tiny home outside of Whitehorse, Yukon.

My personal philosophy is “Life is too short not to be happy” and I try to put that into practice with all of my adventures with Maple Leaf Tours. Some of my favourite places to travel with Maple Leaf guests include: Nashville at any time of year, Quebec City and area – all seasons, Caribbean cruising, Maritime Canada, New York City tours, the Stratford Festival series and of course, Niagara Falls at all times of the year.

I look forward to meeting new adventurers and welcome all of you to come and create new memories with me and share a “glass half full” philosophy.