NEW: Denise Johnson, Joins our Team as a full service Travel Agent!

I started my travel experience like many others, travelling to sun destinations for a relaxing holiday. In 1999, I travelled internationally to New Zealand and it was here that I really was bitten by the travel bug. Upon my return from this trip, I spent the next two years enrolled into a Travel & Tourism program.

I started out assisting individual guests with all facets and details of planning their dream holidays. I was delighted to assist many couples with their dream weddings in the Caribbean and hosting Country Music bands with annual holidays with their fans.

The last 20 years have been spent working in the travel industry with The Travel Broker and Today’s Woman Traveller as a Travel & Escorted Groups Co-ordinator. I started escorting small group journeys on River Cruises in Europe. I loved that you only unpack once and then get to experience all the historical towns and villages along the water routes of the world. While experiencing many River Cruises, I fell in love with the Christmas Markets trip along the Danube, sipping mulled wine, enjoying homemade gingerbread and delicious apfel strudel.

With my passion for showing others what the world has to offer, I developed many small group tours to various countries around the world. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found in Ecuador; not only is the scenery beautiful, but the food and culture were amazing. Being invited into an artist’s home where she insists you wander her home freely as it is yours, displays her artwork and prepared a wonderful meal with her grandmother’s recipes followed by a visit to a local Kichewa family and try your luck at blow darts. Then it was off to having your soul cleansed by a shaman.

What drives my passion for travel is seeing the joy my guests experience when they see elephants, lions and Giraffe’s on Safari in East Africa or a visit to a Maasi village to dance with the locals. Truly unique experiences all over the world!

Now my journey continues! As part of Kristine Geary’s Maple Leaf Tours family, I am excited to continue to offer exclusive Journey’s for small group Women’s tours. Our group size will vary between 6 to 14 guests. Our Ladies’ Journey’s will be mostly inclusive but still allow for personal exploration.

My easy going, adventurous spirit coupled with years of experience ensures I’m ready to step in to deal with any issues that can arise, therefore making sure the guests who travel with me are safe while enjoying a wonderful experience. This has given me the privilege of having repeat guest travel with me over the years.

Now Maple Leaf Tours can help you with any of your travel needs: River Cruises, Ocean voyages, European vacation packages, Exotic destinations, Outback holidays and more!

Call us at 613-384-0012 or email me at

I’d love to help you with any of your travel needs! I look forward to having you join me on a Maple Leaf Journey soon!

Denise Johnson